Surveys For Gift Cards

Surveys For Gift Cards

Do you know that you can get paid for your opinion?

Yes, it is true. pays it’s members to participate in online surveys. Every time you complete a survey, you will receive points that you can redeem for free gift cards. is 100% free to join and no investment is needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Paid Surveys in India

Surveys For Gift Cards

Q: What are surveys?
A: Surveys are simply lists of questions designed to give customer information to companies about their products and services. They can be done online, by mail, or over the phone, though this site specializes in online surveys. The answers from all the surveys are then analyzed and compiled by the market research company, and the results presented to the client.

Q: Do companies really pay people to take surveys?
A: Absolutely! Online market research is a hot new way for companies to gauge the impact of their products or services, and they’re constantly looking for more people to help them by providing more information. Many people do these services as part-time work, and some even do it for a living, full-time. The only restriction is that you must be at least eighteen years of age.

Q: Can I do this anywhere? I do not live in the US.
A: is available for Indians, so you can join and take surveys in India. It depends on the market research being performed. However, the vast majority of surveys are fairly non-specific, so just about anyone, anywhere can participate.

Q: Are there any special computer, hardware or software requirements?

A: If you’re reading this page, chances are that you already meet any technical requirements. All you need is a web browser and Internet access.

Q: Do I get paid per survey? How much?
A: Each survey varies in compensation, depending on both length and company. In general, you can look to earn between $1 and $5 per survey.

Q: How will I be paid and how often?
A: Payment is made by electronic gift cards from major retailers in India such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc. Once you reach minimum balance of $10, you can request your survey payment.

Q: What about income taxes?
A: You remain responsible for tax management. Taxes aren’t deducted from the survey payment – so the pay amount, per survey, is the final amount paid to you. You don’t need to fill out a w-9 or any other forms.

Q: How long are the surveys? How long are focus groups? How much time will it take me?
A: Surveys typically take ten to fifteen minutes apiece, though it depends on your speed. Focus groups, on the other hand, can go anywhere from half an hour long to five times that. Generally, though, the pay increases depending on how long the company needs you.

Q: How soon after I sign-up can I get started and make some money?
A: It depends on your demographics. You can get a survey invitation immediately or once there is a survey that matches your demographic profile. Therefore, signup now and see if there is a survey available for you!

Q: How many surveys can a member participate in daily?
A: That depends on how many surveys are available for your demographic profile. As long as you’re receiving surveys, you can keep doing surveys. In other words, it’s completely up to you.

Q: How much money can I make?
A: Most people who devote a fair amount of time to take surveys for gift cards can easily earn a few free gift cards every month. Again, it depends on how actively you participate – you get what you put into this. The opportunities exist, and all you have to do is take them. Besides from free gift , you can also get some free products and samples.

Q: What does qualify mean?
A: Each survey is targeted to a different profile. For example, market research companies doing a survey on the spending habits of women would likely not solicit the opinion of men. Some surveys, of course, are very general, but others can be quite specific, and it depends on the needs of each company.

Q: How safe is my personal information?
A: The personal information you provided us with is kept safe in our secure databases.

Q: Can I participate in the same surveys as others? Can two people take the same survey?
A: Yes, of course. Most surveys are only useful with statistically significant amounts of data – which means that you’ll likely be sharing the same survey with hundreds of people. If, however, you’re asking whether or not you can take the survey with a friend, it’s possible, but not very likely. If your friend has the exact same profile as you do, the likelihood increases, but it’s still entirely up to the company. It’s also in their interests to select people at random. So… keep your hopes up!

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